Here’s Where You Can Get the Printable Insert

Thank you so much for purchasing Meridian Street, Images of America.

Recently, it was brought to my attention that there is a home skipped in the 5400 block. Please click HERE to receive a printable insert page. The file you will receive electronically contains two photos, and two captions. They will print on a standard size (A4) sheet of paper and can easily be folded in half and tucked into your book. For best results, use your printer’s “landscape” setting.

These photos and captions will replace the current page numbered 106

Please note, this link will ask for your email address, but the link is owned by me. Your email address will not be sold, distributed, or used for any other purpose. I WILL however, contact you via email if there is further content available to update (only for this title) in an effort to further both historical accuracy and your reading enjoyment.

Again, thank you. I apologize for the error, but assure you I am committed to giving these beautiful homes their due respect.

Do check back here anytime to look for updates, place orders, and to find out about new stories or projects in the pipeline.

Be well, and enjoy our Indianapolis,



2 thoughts on “Here’s Where You Can Get the Printable Insert

  1. Loved, loved, loved your book. I grew up in the 4900 block of Illinois street and have been walking and riding past the homes on Meridian street for decades. It was a real treat (and surprising in a couple of cases) to read about the history of these homes.


    Ed Quarles

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