Meridian Street Books Make Great Gifts!




The Meridian Street Books Are Ready!

It’s been a project nearly five years in the making, but the debut of the Meridian Street books is here.

Indianapolis fans of the pretty homes along our very own “Millionaire’s Row” are about to get a treat. Two books on Meridian Street — the North Meridian Street Historic District to be precise — are available NOW.

Meridian Street — Images of America is from the familiar Arcadia Publishing stable of local history books. Heavy in images with captions telling a bit about each home, this is a delightful “History-in-Hand” book.

Meridian Whispers — Meridian Street Mansions of Indianapolis takes readers inside the beautiful homes from 40th Street, north to the Indianapolis Central Canal. Each of the houses built before 1940 is discussed as both a house and as a home to the people who lived their lives amid the splendor of Meridian Street.

Readers will be privy to the tales of everyday life on this street that looks as lovely as a fairy tale. Who were these people? How did they afford such opulent lifestyles? There are some surprises and a few “aha” connections discussed. Some fortunes were made on inventions we’ve never heard of today, and some houses were built by names we still know today. Most all these old houses have seen their own ups and downs, triumphs, and tragic events that we can all relate to.

While reading these books, I guarantee you’ll learn a little something along the way. Suddenly you’ll understand the name of a street, or be surprised to know something you didn’t ever consider as a part of your Indianapolis “back yard.” In the end, I hope these books will give you a deeper sense of where we’ve come from and what our city is about as a community.

Meridian Street — Images of America and the storybook companion — Meridian Whispers are available now on and on the website of Barnes & Noble.

Signed copies are available by ordering here…see below

Prefer to buy Local?  Me too! I’ll keep you posted with a list of stores and events where you can pick up a copy of one or both. I’ll have a few “meet and greets” too so you can buy a copy, or bring yours with you and have them personalized.

Are you thinking about holiday shopping?

Yes, these are great gifts for those history buffs and hard to buy for loved ones on your list (hint — guys LOVE these books!).

What’s your favorite Meridian Street Mansion? Do you have a Meridian Story to share? Leave a comment, follow me on Facebook at Kassie Ritman Writes or on Instagram @KassieWrites


Meridian Street, Images of America

Are you fascinated by the mansions lining Meridian Street? This is a great reference book covering the who-what-which-one of these amazing houses. A great “History in Hand” book covering the North Meridian Street Historic District of Indianapolis from 40th Street to the Indiana Central Canal. This photo-laden books features more than 200 images with captions describing the houses and the families who called them home. **All books ordered directly from the author are signed, include standard shipping and a personalized inscription upon request**



Meridian Whispers ~ Meridian Street Mansions of Indianapolis

Come take an armchair-tour of the oldest and most beautifully rendered homes along the blocks comprising the North Meridian Street Historic District in Indianapolis. There are hundreds of stories tied to this stretch of Meridian involving triumph, tragedy, innovation, people and things who literally changed our world. Curl up with the stories about the families who made their homes along this admired corridor. Relax and be surprised, enlightened, or reminded of days-gone-by as the author takes you for an intimate tour of the district from 40th Street to the Indiana Central Canal. Along the way, learn about the homes that are gone, the ones narrowly saved, and what it means to live in a home where, as one long time resident explained, “It is a civic duty to decorate the house and lawn for Christmas.”


7 thoughts on “Meridian Street Books Make Great Gifts!

  1. Thanks! Glad you made it into the Midtown Magazine— I just ordered both books for my wife Nancy. We live in a Circa 1915 home on Kessler by the Monon and are happy to support you directly for preserving our history.


  2. I lived in 5140 N Meridian mid 60’s to mid 70’s. In 1987 it was on the Decorator’s Home Show. It was fun and different to go back but as we entered the front door my brother said look straight up. He had done some painting and the paint on the arch was still there. My wedding reception was in the back yard. Mike and Sherry Ahern owned it in 1987.
    Many fond memories there!

    Judy Duckworth Welsh

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Judy, Thanks for sharing your memory. What an incredible home to have as a part of your family’s history! The house recently changed hands and is undergoing some extensive renovations. I hope the new owners are polishing up this old gem and bringing back its sparkle!


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